Find a better location for the Burundulla (Mudgee) Solar Farm

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 There is a proposed industrial solar plant to be constructed on the left-hand side (Southern) on Sydney Road before Burrundulla Wines coming into Mudgee.

The project will be visible as you turn the corner to enter this beautiful valley

* Proposed solar plant will cover approx. 60 acres or 27 hectares.
* There will be approx. 50 jobs during the 3-6 month planned construction phase and no on-going jobs once completed.
* The solar panels will be 2.6 metres high and highly visible.
* Erection of 2.1m high-security fence to include three rows of barbed wire surrounding solar plant that will be 15.6m set back from Sydney Road.
* Proposed landscaping of native Australian shrubs outside security fence to a maximum height of 2.5m high.

We’re not against this solar project, Just wrong location.

If you would like to voice your objection, you can make a submission on the council website by completing the link below:

Submission Form

The development application number is:DA0288/2019 
Proposed Development is: 2 x 5MW Solar Farm & Associated Infrastructure at Burrundulla

This needs to be done by 5th July 2019 to be considered as part of the formal assessment.

Key things you may want to include in your submission:
- negative impact on the town entrance that is currently agricultural and a welcoming landscape 
- reduction in the visual amenity of Mudgee and therefore tourism which is an important industry sector for the region
- impact on tourism operators in the region and surrounding the site (B&B’s etc)
- the proposed construction has vehicles turning on and off the Castlereagh Highway which has a 100km speed limit and it’s not safe to increase traffic entering into the site
- the glare of solar panels on surrounding properties and potentially cars on the highway could cause distractions and accidents 
- proposed security fence surrounding site will be visible from the highway which may appear unsafe and unwelcoming.


You can read the DA Submission via this link:
DA Details