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Mid & East Antrim Council Reform

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Council has FAILED to deliver for ALL of the people within Mid & East Antrim.

The blame for failure resides at the door of Mrs Anne Donaghy during her period to date as Chief Executive of Mid and East Antrim Borough Council and previously Ballymena Borough Council.

She has “operated without sufficient accountability” and operates and supports a “bullying culture” on Elected Members, staff, external suppliers and others.

 This is demonstrated by:

Incorrectly - Reporting Elected Members to the Local Government Commissioner for Standards
Telling Elected Members what they can and cannot say / do
Allegations by her own father that she bullied him
Ignoring Environmental considerations and public opinion
Appointing staff within Council without a proper transparent process
Failing to maintain important facilities such as the Blackhead Path, The Gobbins, Ballymena Showgrounds and local leisure centres
Failing to support local jobs due to excessive business rates and taking 3 years to develop an Economic Strategy to promote the economic activity of the area
Allocating resources unfairly and with bias due to political interference
Removing staff within Council that have attempted to speak freely
Blocking and trying to block the promotion of staff
Not operating in a transparent manner. No audit trails, verbal meetings with no minutes or no recording of actions/instructions with actions being emailed by her to staff
Abusive and rude behaviour to staff and external stakeholders
Wasting resources and ratepayers money on inappropriate purchases or corrupt procurement influences
Failure to publish staff surveys conducted in the past or to have current staff surveys for fear of the results
A culture of Council staff “favourites” and “yes people”
No proper ‘Declarations of Interest’ recorded, e.g. DUP Dinner
Ignoring Equality Legislation and applying it within the Council

Most of the Elected Members in Mid and East Antrim Council are failing in their duty to duty to ensure the Council operates in an environment where staff and others are free to speak freely and are free from bullying.

Given the fact that staff cannot speak freely and Elected Members choose to ignore the growing list (see below) of issues I call on YOU via this poll to voice your opposition and seek the start of the process to remove the Chief Executive of Mid and East Antrim Council, call for an independent Council-wide review of all the issues and seek the implementation of a new Management Team who will have the confidence and support of the staff within the Council for the benefit of all the people within the Borough.

YOUR vote Counts – Please use it.  


Man loses appeal over assault in family feud case

News 29 Jan, 2018

A judge at Dungannon Magistrates Court heard the incident was grounded on a family feud over property, and a previous confrontation with the victim’s daughter Anne Donaghy and two of her siblings, where he claims they recorded him and left him “pressurised, intimidated and bullied”. Ms Donaghy is the chief executive of Mid and East Antrim council. She was among some family to attend court yesterday but did not take the stand.

SDLP man Declan O'Loan says emails accessed by own council

News 11 Nov, 2017

A prominent SDLP member has said that his own council viewed his emails without his authority. Ballymena based Declan O’Loan last night said Mid and East Antrim Borough Council brought in...

Concerns raised about elder abuse sentence

News 25 Oct, 2017

An organisation set up to protect elderly people has questioned the sentence imposed on a Co Tyrone man convicted of assault and threatening to "put a bullet behind the ear" of his elderly father-in-law

Council chief questioned over ‘DUP Dinner’

News 5 Oct, 2017

Mid and East Antrim Chief Executive Anne Donaghy has faced questions from Councillors over her attendance at a so-called ‘DUP Dinner’.

Mid and East Antrim Council receives complaint that chief executive 'may have breached code of conduct'

News 26 Sep, 2017

A complaint has been made to a Co Antrim council claiming that its chief executive may have breached the ‘code of conduct for local government employees’.

Council chief Anne Donaghy asked councillors not to talk to press

News 22 Sep, 2017

The chief executive of a Co Antrim council has advised elected representatives not to speak to the press after a court heard she confronted her elderly father in a bid to force him to sign over owners...

Council chief Anne Donaghy 'tried to force dad to sign over property'

News 19 Sep, 2017

The chief executive of one of the north’s leading councils is alleged to have confronted her elderly father alongside two of her siblings in a bid to force him to sign over ownership of his property

Council chief executive's wig and gown raises eyebrows

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THE sight of one of the new super council's chief executives clad in a wig and gown reminiscent of a barrister has raised a few eyebrows.

Giant 'Christmas cracker' crown to remain in Larne

Northern Ireland news 06 Nov, 2015

A giant golden crown erected on a roundabout in Larne is to become a permanent fixture despite claims it is making the town "a laughing stock".

Cigarette smuggler rolls up for garden party with queen n Guilty man joined council chief n Guests not vetted admits NIO

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A CONVICTED cigarette smuggler accompanied the

Councillor urges official to explain after cig smuggler relationship revelations

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CO ANTRIM councillor has said elected representatives should be "given a

Nationalists 'kept from significant roles' on council

News 19 Jun, 2014

MID and East Antrim Council has "failed its first test 

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