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Microsoft: To listen and to take notice of what their consumers want from them

So that Microsoft can keep their consumers happy and remain top at what they do

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To listen and to take notice of what their consumers want from them: No fees for playing pre owned games, allow us to borrow/rent games without the need of a one time use code (be able to rent, buy and sell used games at no extra cost from my local sources), don't make us always require a connection to the internet, be able to play offline Games offline. Support for USB log in. We want less Allinone and a more game oriented console as it was before. When we play games, we do so to have fun. We don't want to feel like we have to pass a 360 point security check to just be apble to play on a console.We would also like our XBLA games to carry over on to the Xbox One along with our gamertags and gamerscore.

Another good point is the HDD, we will need to be able to remove and upgraded HDD due to installing games straight to it, this will eat away at the memory as if there was no tomorrow.

Another problem is kinect, we should be allowed a choice of whether we have kinect of not. Not all of us have big houses like they show off in the adverts, some of us are lucky even to have enough room for just 1 player to use the functionality of Kinect with out crashing in to chairs, tables or hitting ornaments or vases off tables and windows ledges. We want game support for the non use of the Kinect. We want a games console that can run without needing to be linked up to Kinect, like we have now. What if the camera gets hacked and we then have people spying on us, watching our daily activity/monitoring us? That kind of feeling isn't needed Microsoft.

You got the Xbox 360 perfect after trial an error, make the Xbox One perfect straight away by listening to us. You can find our views on various websites if you search for them, you'll find them.

Trust me, listen to what we require, everyone will be happy this way and you'll be selling thousands of the Xbox One system and your stocks will go back up.

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