Microsoft! Keep the desktop version of Skype alive for professional users!

Microsoft! Keep the desktop version of Skype alive for professional users!

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Started by Nisse Hult

The way a professional user on a desktop uses Skype in their daily work is very different from how an everyday mother uses Skype to keep in contact with her daughter, or how grandparents use Skype to communicate with their grandchildren.

Here are some basic and rudimentary things that are essential to a professional user.

  • A professional user might have several simulatainius communications going on in Skype, and these communications are spread out in a systematic way on several screens.
  • A professional user need full control of how messages are displayed and what pre-processing that take place on anything sent. For example sending "for(;;)" should arrive just like that and look just like that on the receiver side, there should be no smilies inserted.

  • A professional user need high information density.

  • A professional user need full control over all aspects of the application, and need to be able to customize all things to match their business needs.

  • A professional user wants a desktop application that slowly evolves over time. And where each new step in the evolution is securely founded in the existing user base, and where the uttermost care is taken to never remove or change a feature if it is not pre-approved of the existing users.

  • A professional user prioritize productivity, and any change, even very minor, will affect some of the users. So do not fix what's not broken should be a fundamental mindset of anyone involved with the desktop version of skype.

  • A professional user know what he needs and what he wants, so do not add, change or remove something unless there is a overwhelming demand for a change from the current user base.


If microsoft think this new mobile-first/touch based GUI is essential for some of it customers, then they need to continue develop the current desktop version as a desktop version of skype intended for professional users, because the new version of Skype (v8) will not meet the needs of today's professional Skype users who use the desktop client .


2,027 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!