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Make Scalebound Come Back.. Please Reflect Microsoft

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Hey Pals

Today I write because of the event that many already know, Microsoft has decided that it will cancel the game Scalebound after almost 4 years of development, several delays and after being almost the center of attention in the latter e3 ...

So here I am to ask you to sign this application that arrives as high as possible and that we listen to us, the gamers. Sending a very clear message: Not so Microsoft, things are not like that and we have an opinion about it.

So we have to make a lot of noise, so that they realize that their actions have consequences in the illusions of people and that you can not be selling the game in events for more than 4 years and cancel it like this.

If you agree with the message of this request, I can only ask you to support it by sharing it with social networks. Let us hear it loud and clear, not to say goodbye to a game that we loved without even fighting, even if it was this way.

Saying goodbye and hoping for the best of this request


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