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Make Microsoft repair and fix its devices which are under warranty!

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Everyone who invests in Microsoft devices wants the best out of their computers. When something happens to go wrong with a device of theirs, we expect Microsoft to react at least with respect towards its customers who support the company with their money.

We can understand that devices sometimes stop working for a variety of reasons, and we don't blame Microsoft for that. What is wrong is that we were refused service regularly by Microsoft, even though our computers were still under warranty. Everyone can go ahead and see the ridiculous reasons that Microsoft gives to everyone why it cannot repair a computer. For example, a small dent on a laptop (the dent can be seen under the blue dot) is the “reason” for not changing a dead battery of a device under warranty (otherwise the device works fine). A scratch on the surface is the sufficient base for Microsoft to deny a repair of an interior element of a computer which is still under warranty. The argument? - “Cosmetic damage, such as scratches, dents, etc.” Yes, you read that right… cosmetic damage is a sufficient reason to refuse to fix a computer where the issue is within the hardware.

We kindly ask all customers who supported Microsoft by buying its devices, to sign this petition aimed to make Microsoft respect all of us, treat us with dignity we merit and stop thinking about only money. Make Microsoft pay attention and show respect to its customers!

For those who want more information or want to see more pictures of devices refused service by Microsoft without a reason, check here.

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