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Microsoft: Give Users the Option to Disable Metro UI and Keep Windows an Open Platform

Touch Screens are great for phones/tablets but power user of desktop/laptops prefer keyboard/mouse. Some of the top third party applications being used on Windows 8 Pro is restoring the start menu or limiting the Metro UI. In Windows 8 RT you have not option. What Microsoft is aiming for is closed ecosystem where everything has to be approved by them for their platform. Right now any coder can produce a piece of software and sell it for use on most windows systems. With closed ecosystem developers of "APP" will either pay the Microsoft "Tax" by fees, sales charges, or other indirect costs such as training for ability to produce an APP for Microsoft Store.
Furthermore, this is another anti-competitive move by Microsoft to lower risk from third party companies against their core services or business platforms. Like other closed ecosystems, Apple removed Google maps because they want to produce their own maps and Google remove Ad Blocker Plus because it went against it own revenue stream. Microsoft in closed environment will not allow products like Open Office and Firefox compete with Microsoft Office or Internet Explorer. They done this before...remember Netscape. Microsoft hopes the public will not complain. So far the sales numbers agree with the petition. Now let us give them a voice to hear and shame them into doing what is right.

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