Free-Standing Multicultural Building at Michigan State University

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Dear reader,

We are a group of minority students who recognize the need for a free-standing multicultural building. This is not a new conversation as students have been working towards this for 30+ years. The spaces that have been provided to our organizations and communities at MSU are hard to find and not fully accessible. The few rooms we have been designated are in basements spread across the edges of campus, so small we can’t even conduct efficient meetings. This affects marginalized students at MSU, as well as anyone that would like to learn about communities they do not identify with. This is important because in order to demolish stereotypes, cultivate leadership, and form authentic coalitions, there needs to be a collaborative and accessible space where members of all communities can meet, grow, and learn organically.

If you would like to see Michigan State University have a free-standing multicultural building please sign this petition. If you would like to talk about this further please email us at

For the history on how past organizations and individuals have fought for this building that STILL doesn't exist please read CRU's 2019-2020 president's article:

Note: Please see the University of Michigans Trotter Mulitcultural Center

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