Reinstate $1.5M in funding for Goodwill Detroit's Flip the Script Program

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Since 2015, Goodwill Detroit's Flip the Script program has administered the Safer Communities Stronger Families (SCSF) initiative, in partnership with the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC), as well as Wayne County's 3rd Circuit and 36th District courts. 

SCSF is a community-based alternative sentencing diversion, reentry and educational remediation program serving men and women ages 16-39. This program provides an alternative to costly and regressive prison sentences within Michigan's corrections system. SCSF also provides critical support to those who have been incarcerated and are in need of guidance and reentry services. 

Governor Whitmer's most recent budget recommendation did not include the $1.5M in funding that has historically been appropriated to Goodwill Detroit and we are advocating that the MI Legislature reinstate our funding. This would allow us to continue to provide educational support, counseling, mentoring, along with job training and placement for hundreds of Michigan residents.