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Referendum on Michigan Gambling Outlets Amendment, Proposal 1 (2004)

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Proposal stated as follows:

The proposed constitutional amendment:

Requires voter approval of any form of gambling authorized by law after January 1, 2004.

Requires voter approval of any new state lottery games utilizing "table games" or "player operated mechanical or electronic devices" introduced after January 1, 2004.

Provides that when voter approval is required, both statewide voter approval and voter approval in the city or township where gambling will take place must be obtained.

Specifies that the voter approval requirement does not apply to Indian tribal gaming or gambling in up to three casinos located in the City of Detroit.


This petition was started to be delivered to (with Only For Registered Michigan Voters To Sign.)

SOS - Board of State Canvassers - State of Michigan

 But Change. org has made it impossible. 


The collected signatures by the 3 Detroit Casino's had no clear literature explaining to those who signed what this proposal was really all about. On the ballot it also had no real clarity that it was solely to oppose the horse racing tracks from gaining slots to fairly compete with not only the Casino's but all the Charity Gaming/Poker/Texas Hold'em Rooms that have sprung up by the hundreds since this proposal passed. 

Many people have stated that they did not know the facts when signing these petitions for the 2004 proposal 1 and soon after the vote took place, would had refrained from signing and given the opportunity would vote to reverse the passed proposal. 

The fact is that no such voter approval is necessary when when Charity Gaming are given licenses to Bars, Bowling Alley's, Bingo Halls, Churches and other venues. All of these establishments are right in the neighborhoods of those that oppose any gambling at all.

In 2009 The Ofiice Of Racing Commissioner was dissolved for the Horse Racing Industry, once a thriving 42,000 job connected business and a lone business at one time that generated over a $Billion dollars to the State Of Michigan before the word Lottery or Casino was ever heard of. 

In 2013 Instant Racing was passed by both the House & Senate only to have Governor Snyder Pocket Veto the vote, citing Proposal 1 of 2004 would disallow it and have the Casino's filing a lawsuit against the State. 

The outcome has destroyed the Horse Racings ability to fairly compete. Ironically in 2011 Kathie Oviedo was named Deputy Commissioner of Charitable Gaming by Lottery Commissioner M. Scott Bowen.

So the reality is Horse Racing and the reason that Pari-Mutual was signed into law in 1933 has been stripped of any representation at all in Michigan as well as the Michigan Gaming Control Board that Horse Racing was placed under when the State dissolved the ORC.

It is not only my opinion along with the public but of those in the House & Senate of Michigan that would welcome this Referendum.

Horse Racing was the very first gambling establishment and still employs directly and indirectly through its Industry 12,000 jobs, but without any help that other States surrounding Michigan like Ohio & Indiana who have supported their Horse Racing Industry by allowing their tracks Racino's that the sad fact is Horse Racing's fate here will completely come to an end.

It is also my belief that the three Detroit Casino's should be allowed Horse Racing Simulcasting rooms with the Race Tracks being allowed Slot machines. Not only would this generate $Thousands of Millions more to the State but once again allow Horse Racing its deserved dignity to thrive as it once did. 

The Horse Racing Industry deserves nothing less.

Let The Tradition Continue!

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