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Mini Pigs as Pets: Change Zoning Ordinances!!!!! Help Me Save My Pets!!!!!

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I recently moved into the City of Tucker, Georgia where I thought I was meeting the zoning ordinances regarding my mini pot belly pigs, Pepe and Clarice. Come to find out I read the confusing ordinance wrong and have received two warnings so far.  I have almost an acre of land and my babies love the outside and also spend inside time with me.  My husband and I put up over 20k in fencing and made another fenced in area and insulated hut for when they are outside. They are my life and I love them more than words could ever convey.  They have helped me get through the despair when my father passed in 2016, as well as many other transitions in my life.  Pepe and Clarice make me laugh, feel at peace, and just complete my day.  I believe the city council and the City of Tucker would be open to amending the ordinance so my family members can stay with me.  Please help me keep them!!! I need your help; please pass this onto anyone you know.  Once the City of Tucker amends their ordinance I will move onto the county I live in, DeKalb County, so that anyone who has a pet pig can not go through the torment and worry that I am currently facing.  I can barely sleep at night and am a wreck emotionally.  I am not a person who cries, but it has become the normal when I think of having to part with them. I just don't understand why anyone would even complain, much less worry about Pepe and Clarice.  Please, Please help me and pass on my petition. 

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