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stop deforestation

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 Deforestation has become a problem, and the scary thing is that it seems to be growing. The Amazon rainforest just happens to be the lungs of the world. More than 20% of oxygen comes from the Amazon but sadly 12-15 million acres are lost every year. Not only do we benefit from the oxygen it gives off but we also benefit from how the Amazon absorbs carbon dioxide. On average the Amazon absorbs 2.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide helping the atmosphere. Most humans survive off medicines, well this would not be possible without the Amazon. Around 7000 plants that are used in today's medicine have came from and are produced in the Amazon. Not only are there plants that we know about it, but there is plants we are still discovering. When we cut down the forest, we lose around 137 species of plants, that is a handful of medicine that we did not know about before. Moving away from how the Amazon benefits us, the process of deforestation is also an alarming factor. The main reasons of deforestation are soybean plantation, cattle raising, mining, commercial products, and to make more room for houses. In reality all of these reasons have a downside but the biggest downside is the process is slash and burn. This method releases more carbon dioxide than what the trees had absorbed. Overall deforestation causes pollution in water and the air, soil erosion, malaria outbreaks, less oxygen and more carbon dioxide, plant and animal extinction, and global warming. Deforestation will soon take away all our forest in the next 100 years, and there will be no going back. 

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