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Micheal Carr, Jackson County, IL State's Attorney: Drop false reporting of sexual assault charge against Melisa Vistain

We are asking that you drop all charges against Melisa Vistain. Victims of sexual assault often do not report the crimes perpetrated against them for fear of not being believed and being mistreated by criminal justice personnel. When they do report, law enforcement and prosecutors may decide the evidence is insufficient to proceed with charges, which is very different than deciding to prosecute the victim. The prosecution of a sexual assault victim is devastating to the victim and chilling for current and future sexual assault victims. The clear message of this prosecution is that survivors of sexual assault must be able to prove their own innocence or face prosecution when they report a sexual assault crime. When sexual assault is already the most underreported crime, this message is the wrong one to send. We stand in support of Melisa Vistain, applaud her courage in reporting a heinous crime to law enforcement and urge you to drop the charges immediately.

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  • Jackson County, IL State's Attorney
    Micheal Carr

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