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NZ Immigration has confessed that they made a mistake and gave the same wrong information to my fiance' Paul on two separate phone calls

(even after being asked to double check with the manager) but now they say

"There is nothing we can do"

I disagree, as do all the people who hear the story of how Paul lost his NZ residency. It is unfair that Paul should pay for the mistakes made by the staff members he talked to. 

Read Paul's story below - if you think it is unfair, please sign the petition to bring Paul home and give him back his residency.

My fiance' Paul gained his NZ residency in 2010 after paying thousands of dollars and jumping through all of the necessary application hoops.

With his NZ residency though, came travel restrictions. While travelling in Scotland last year he wanted to apply for an extension and made phone calls to NZ Immigration to ask if he would qualify.

On two separate phone calls to NZ immigration staff, he was given the same information (even after asking them to double check with their manager).

Each time the answer was a confident YES, that he would qualify.

So when Paul received his passport and letter back from NZ Immigration stating that his application had been DENIED and that he was now considered a VISITOR if he returned to NZ, it came as a complete shock and an outrageous let down.

Phone calls to NZ Immigration resulted in no change, even after they apologised and admitted their mistake.

Since then, Paul has returned to NZ but has had had to leave New Zealand twice after his Visitor Visa has expired after three months at a time. Paul has only one more three month period in New Zealand before he has to be away for eighteen months.

It has been an expensive and unsettling situation for us as a couple and his family, whom most live in New Zealand. The mistake made by New Zealand Immigration should not be something Paul has to pay for, especially financially.

I believe that for justice to take place, Paul would receive his residency back and also be compensated for the necessary travel expenses incurred while having to leave NZ twice so far as his status has been reduced to a 'visitor'.

Let's 'Bring Paul Home' and stop this unjust situation now.

After talking to many people about what has happened, it seems that this kind of thing isn't uncommon. 

Let us bring attention to Paul's experience so this doesn't happen again.

Immigration is always a sensitive issue. It is someone's life, their sense of home we are talking about.

Paul should have the right to justice in this and a renewed sense of belonging in a country that he fought so hard to be a part of.

Let this topic be raised so that more accurate advice will be given by the Immigration Department of New Zealand and so these kind of horrible mistakes are less likely to happen in the future.

Or at the very least, in the event that the staff do make a mistake - that New Zealand Immigration Department pay for it.

"There is nothing we can do" is simply not good enough.


Thank you for reading, let's Bring Paul Home




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