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Aids Healthcare Foundation - Differentiate illegal prostitutes from legitimate pornstars

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Over the years the Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF), led by Michael Weinstein, has been on the front lines of creating awareness in regards to HIV and AIDS, along with assisting individuals who have contracted the disease.  

There is no question that the AHF has made a positive and substantial difference in the world... However (in regards to the pornographic industry), is the AHF over reaching via the proposed Prop60 legislation (,_Proposition_60_(2016) )? Furthermore, is the AHF omitting (and essentially turning a blind eye to) the truth of organized crime within the porn industry - all in effort to gain publicity, donations, political ground & government funding?

At this stage, the Aids Healthcare Foundation MUST make a public statement in regards to differentiating legitimate, professional adult actors and actresses (pornstars) from illegal prostitutes.  Reason being, that the clear differentiation between the two groups would help to better determine the truth (and likelihood) of alleged ON SET HIV transmissions (transmissions that the pornographic industry's political face, the Free Speech Coalition, adamantly denies).

As of current, over 50% of active pornstars have transformed into illegal prostitutes by becoming available to the general public via illegal, organized crime controlled sex & human trafficking websites such as The Luxury Companion. Many of the clients of such trafficking rings are not STD tested and do not utilize condoms with the illegal prostitutes they meet and have sexual intercourse with.

A legitimate professional pornstar IS NOT an illegal prostitute - however in today's pornographic industry, many illegal prostitutes masquerade as pornstars.

Pin pointing an alleged HIV transmission of a legitimate professional pornstar is simple (as it would only occur within a small pool of other known std tested professionals), however pin pointing an alleged HIV transmission of an illegal prostitute is far more very difficult (as there are many unknown variables and unknown individuals who may have, or may not, have been std tested).

For example, there has been much controversy and question in regards to the case of Cameron Bay aka Cameron Adams. The AHF seems to believe that she contracted HIV on a porn set (and it's too their advantage politically to state so), however many porn professionals seem to think otherwise. Part of the reason some may doubt that Cameron contracted HIV on set, could have to do with the allegations of her having worked illegally as a prostitute / escort - which is criminal activity the AHF seems to be willing to ignore.

Over the years the Aids Healthcare Foundation has connected with individuals who embody highly questionable ethics, professional histories & criminal attachment. For example, in 2010 the AHF (in conjunction with a mother who sexually performed both privately and publicly with her daughter) filed a lawsuit against the porn industry's primary testing facility AIM. AIM consequently was closed.

Today, in 2016, the AHF has issued press releases featuring political endorsements from a pornographer (and self admitted pimp) known to communicate with dangerous stalkers, produce porn illegally, lie about his involvement in the closure of a performer database leak, fail to utilize barrier protection (condoms) and openly defend illegal prostitution. 

How long will the AHF continue to ignore criminal activity and go as far as to closely associate with known criminals in an apparent effort to attain financial and political gain? How long will the AHF remain silent about sex and human trafficking rings victimizing countless Americans? It's clear that NOT differentiating legitimate pornstars from illegal prostitutes is to the Aids Healthcare Foundation's advantage, which from my perspective makes the organization not only unethical with questionable motives - but a part of organized crime.

The fight against HIV and AIDS is important - but the fight to free sex and human trafficking victims from organized crime controlled illegal prostitution operations is important as well. Human and civil rights should not take a back seat to fighting disease.

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