Save Anderson Stuart Building

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Medical researchers and students are being evicted from their laboratories in the Anderson Stuart Building at the University of Sydney. This is being enacted without satisfactory reason and before a new building of equal or better standard has been constructed. Management have breached Work Health and Safety Legislation and the Enterprise Agreement in issuing the sudden and non-transparent eviction notice.

This is an unjust action that undervalues and undermines the hard work of staff and students. If this goes ahead it will have the following impacts:

- Setback medical research

- Obstruct access to critical medical research equipment  

- Disrupt postgraduate student progress and extend candidature

- Impede student access to teaching staff

- Hinder teaching and research opportunities for students that would benefit their    careers

- Disruption of teaching in medical and dental programs

The Anderson Stuart Building was constructed in 1889 with the intention of housing both medical research wet labs and teaching facilities. This collegial environment has been maintained for over 100 years. This has been a major contributor to the rankings of Anatomy and Physiology as #10 in the world. 

Please sign this petition to support this successful research community.