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No Toxic Lough

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This petition is calling on the Chief Inspector of DAERA Michael Moody to REJECT a PPC Permit Application (application # P0554/17A) that has been submitted by ReGen Waste Ltd to install a Hazardous Waste facility at a site owned by Warrenpoint Harbour Authority located at Warrenpoint Port.

This petition is also calling on Warrenpoint Harbour Authority, NMDC Councillors, NI MLA’s, Louth County Councillors & Louth TD’s to take the appropriate actions to ensure that the concerns and objections of the Carlingford Lough community & beyond outlined below are heard, respected and adhered to by ensuring this application is rejected.

Please sign this petition to object to the plans to install a Hazardous Waste Facility at Warrenpoint Port in Carlingford Lough.

The call for this Application to be Rejected is based on the following objections made by all who have signed this petition.

  •  The health, safety & well-being of the people of the Lough will be at severe risk due to the toxic nature of the waste to be stored, treated and transferred at the proposed site.
  • There will catastrophic impacts to Carlingford Lough’s Flora, Fauna & Habitats should accidental spillages, leaks or emissions occur.
  • Carlingford Lough has the following designated environmental status’s which protect it from an industry of this nature being operable here.  RAMSAR, SPA, SAC, ASSI, SPI, AONB, MCZ.
  • The application submitted from ReGen has provided inaccurate information & answers with regards to the location of the proposed site and its proximity to the above designated environmental statuses.
  • The application submitted from ReGen has provided inaccurate & incomplete information with regards to the proximity of the closest residents to the facility. The application has ignored residents who live directly across from the proposed site location in Omeath and other surrounding lough communities. It also has not quantified the population of residents in the surrounding area to this proposed hazardous waste facility.
  • Proposed Site of this Hazardous Waste facility is in a location vulnerable to flooding which could cause serious damage to the storage and treatment facilities of this hazardous waste installation.
  • ReGen Waste Ltd does not have a fully qualified hazardous waste workforce to operate at this site on day one &  lacks industry experience in Hazardous Waste mgt.
  • There have been a number of incidents and accidents at Warrenpoint that have already caused detrimental impacts to the Lough environment & community. (EG) oil spills, toxic gas leaks, fires,  dust, cement & grain emissions causing residential evacuations.  This Hazardous waste facility will only increase this risk of many more severe incidents occurring.
  • A Hazardous Waste plant will greatly devalue residential & commercial properties all around the Carlingford Lough area.
  • There will be a significant downturn in tourism and therefore local business sustainability resulting in job loss and economic deprivation in the Carlingford Lough area.
  • Odour emissions are recognised as a side effect of hazardous waste storage and treatment on the application. This odour will be hazardous and uncontrollable once airborne in an area which is susceptible to strong high winds.
  • Proposed testing and sampling of hazardous materials accepted, stored & treated along with standard water sampling testing outlined within the proposed application are not aligned with the necessary baseline industry standards.
  • The quality of the water in Carlingford Lough will be at severe risk of toxic pollution. This will be catastrophic to the aquaculture and fishing industries that operate their business within the Lough.
  • Notice of the application was not placed in a local newspaper. This needs to be addressed and rectified immediately to ensure full transparency to the Lough community and all who may be impacted by this application.
  • ReGen Waste Ltd & Warrenpoint Harbour Authority have failed to engage and communicate with the Carlingford Lough community on the proposed plans to install a Hazardous Waste plant in their homeland.  This is unacceptable and demonstrates a lack of professionalism and duty of care from both of these industries

Thank you to all who have taken the time to review and sign this petition. Your support is welcomed and very much appreciated!

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