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Remove KKK Mural in Woodburn Hall at Indiana University

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It is past time that Indiana University take a stand and denounce hate and intolerance in Indiana and on IU's campus. In wake of the tragic events in Charlottesville and other acts of hate on college campuses including the distribution on flyers on IU's campus this petition calls for the removal of the KKK mural in Woodburn Hall. In 2005 a decision was made to allow a KKK mural to remain in Woodburn Hall at Indiana University. The reasons given were so that it would remind students of the history of Indiana and celebrate the downfall of the KKK in Indiana. While it is important to be aware of the history of Indiana the KKK is still active throughout the state of Indiana. The mural does not mark a time in history of Indiana because it is still extremely relevant today. The presence of this mural on the 9th panel in Woodburn Hall violates the University's diversity statement  which says "... We must include all who comprise our diverse university community and foster a campus climate in which those diverse influences are respected and valued." It also violates the student rights and code of ethics be forcing students (and faculty) of color to work and study in an environment that promotes a group known for discriminating against people of color, homosexuals, non Christians, and various other marginalized groups of people.

The student Right to Freedom from Discrimination states: Students have the right to study, work, and interact in an environment that is free from discrimination in violation of law or university policy by any member of the university community. Students at Indiana University are expected to respect the rights and dignity of other students, faculty, and staff.

While it is understood that the University supports freedom of expression through art This petition requests the removal of the 9th panel to foster a safe and inclusive environment for all students and faculty at Indiana University as these are in fact modern depictions and not just depictions of a historical time in Indiana.

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