Change Australia's Motorcycle Handlebar Laws

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We the undersigned petition the Australian Government to reform the outdated laws relating to handlebar modification on motorcycles! 

According to the current Australian Design Rules, The Motor Vehicles Standards Act 1989 and the National Code of Practice for Vehicle Construction it is illegal to modify motorcycle handlebar height to any greater than 380mm from the lowest part of the handlebar grip to the lowest point of the seat. This effectively outlaws any set of bars taller than 8".

In December 2015 ADR 57 was changed to allow a 200mm increase in the allowable width of bars with no change to the height despite the fact that many Aussies riders choose taller bars for better control, medical reasons and not least of all to look good! 

The Government's refusal to respond to the demands of the people potentially leaves thousands of Australian riders to pay unnecessary fines and worse still with void insurance policies over their bikes! 

There are much less restrictive handlebar height stipulations for motorcycles manufactured before June 30, 1988 and comparatively none in New Zealand. There is no evidence to suggest that taller bars lead to higher crash rates, with anecdotal studies suggesting quite the opposite. 

It is time to abandon these arbitrary height restrictions! Alter the ADR, moderate federal and state legislation to give the people the right to ride free!