Improve cycle routes (via Sheriffhall) between Edinburgh and Midlothian

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The new Sheriffhall roundabout will be cycle friendly, thanks to City Deal funding. While this is great news, improvements to the routes between Edinburgh and Midlothian will not be funded (this is currently left to local councils but they are cutting their budgets by millions of pounds each year... not very likely to be funding cycle routes anytime soon).

Sign this petition to ask Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Instrastructure and Connectivity to fund an integrated project to improve cycle routes.

I cycle to work (Dalkeith to Edinburgh). I do it because it helps my mental and physical health. It’s faster than driving and way faster than the bus. I’d like what I do to stop being unusual; for friends not to feel they have to say to me ‘be careful’ or ‘go safely’; for my husband not to panic if I don’t send the ‘all ok’ text.

Fund the whole thing, Michael, as a holistic, integrated project. Show us you are serious when you send spokespeople out to say “the Scottish Government is committed to increasing levels of cycling and walking.”

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