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Felony charges for causing Cruizer unnecessary torment

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So I am going to tell Cruizer's story. In April of 2012 I went to the shelter I wasn't really looking for another dog. I was walking through the kennels I saw this dog named Bruiser. Bruiser was lunging growling snarling drooling barking. He scared me the first I saw him I remember thinking who would be crazy enough to adopted this crazy dog. I filled out the application I went to see him everyday for the 2 weeks to get the adoption finalized. I renamed him Cruizer. When I adopted him we knew nothing about his history. Until one day at Petco a girl came over to ask me if he was Bruiser. She had one of his siblings & she told me what she knew about him. She told me they got him tried to fight him he wasn't aggressive enough to fight. So they used him as bait but he was to aggressive for that. So they tied him in the backyard on a 2ft 25 lb tow chain & left him. Some how Animal Control got involved so they dumped him at the shelter. Cruizer was never the "good" dog he was so damaged he couldn't trust people. The only person he ever really trusted was me. Cruizer couldn't take arguing or yelling he would think it was time to fight. I couldn't invite people to my house as he didn't like anyone there. Cruizer didn't like kids after a little girl scared him. Cruizer was starting to show more signs of aggression since the stupid ankles throw rocks at him. He knew the women not kids that did that. He couldn't understand why they wanted to hurt him. He started growling at me he started growling at Princessa which he never did before. On Sunday night I had to make the decision to put him to sleep. You see My hubby walked into the living room said my name Cruizer jumped at him snarling & baring teeth. I knew it was time. I couldn't let Cruizer bite my hubby as he would have gone into quarantine for 12 days at the shelter. They would have deemed him aggressive due to him going kennel crazy. They won't have been able to interact with him without a caught pole. I knew I couldn't do that to my baby. I loved my boy it didn't matter to me that I didn't have people over he always came first. My decision was made completely out of love for my Cruizer my heart a has hurt everyday since I had to make the hardest decision of my life. I didn't take this lightly it wasn't something I wanted to do but my poor boy needed to find peace. He is the true victim of dog fighting even after 5 years he just couldn't forget the pain & abuse he went through in the first year of his life. I never talked about Cruizer's issues I was afraid that the Anti pit bull people would steal his issue to use for their evil agenda.

I would the girls who throw rocks at my dog charged for felony animal cruelty. It was 100% premeditated they all knew that if they throw rocks at him it effected him badly. 

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