Security, Privacy & Psychological Freedom from torment and torture from EMF attack.

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I am not even free in this country and they invaded my personal, private life. They essentially took the value from my intellectual property to enrich themselves from my ideas and watch you suffer, trying to make you diverge from that reality of theft to protect what you have left (my corporation and privacy) until they are satisfied. They can also feel entitled, for some reason, for a professional like me, to make decisions for me for the outcomes they want and control they want to feel covertly on your life. It is very frustrating.

These terrorists/attackers undermined my life a long time ago because they got me and no end to the tunnel. Unfortunately, they get satisfaction at seeing me like this. It is remote, electromagnetic frequency related torment/constraint/harassment with previous phases of torture, likely utilizing very small resonating chips called; “smart dust” or “μ-chip”

They got me in 2007, extracted intellectual property, humiliated me, ruined my memory and in the future, tried to discredit me and literally kill me covertly because of the value of everything and someone else likely taking any compensation that likely came from my own work/invention ideas.

Before you know it, 1/3 of your life has been contaminated and with complete privacy breach at the most severe level because they were able to take away the young life you were going to lay out for your own personal future and they still dont let you go after extracting intellectual property and humiliating you. They ruin my future potential for investments on top of that.

Not only that, but on every level and within your own home there is no real shelter from the constant bombardment (constant contact and engagement on top of the ambient room noise hum of the home and I have recordings) you are suffering because they even harass, make entertainment from your suffering amongst themselves and threaten you (to say the least).  [Example of a threat in my own home: with the background unknown of danger from what you been through and capability of them disturbing you in your own home, they say things like counting down as if a bomb where you are trying to relax comfortably and just say “lift off” as if a space shuttle launching for example after and never really know the real danger and eventually ignore it, but still trying to make you run outside (just one example).]

I need a happy, quiet home with complete privacy to run my corporation and get the sleep I need and let my mind free to think without interference or constraint.

Unfortunately they keep you imprisoned and I will never do a thing for these terrorists to get out of it, so I chose a different approach (

No one seems to help. 
My whole life I have never even had a real mutual respectable relationship or real mutual love because everything was contaminated socially. They have also tried to get a reaction out of me socially many times to try and start fights or get me to react, but I am smarter then that/them. I could only imagine the extra suffering where they not only imprison you psychologically from “constant contact”/neural monitoring of thoughts, but also physically. Unfortunately, it is real and I would be sceptical myself if listening to someone going through this thinking it might be mental illness or conspiracy, but I am not and I have never had an interest in that type of stuff and only started determining what they put in me because the observed effects were real along with real memories.

They also limited my life and investment potential with diversion because of what I am going through (I will never have the opportunity again) with pre-planned targeting from when I was younger and I feel vandalized at the most severe level, with the enemy attacking you right in your core. They put smart dust (likely 0.08mmx0.08mm)in my brain and ears which I would literally need a 9.4T MRI to see, but there isn't a clinical one available yet. I think who is doing it might be a religious group and I am not religious at all. * 
They essentially have a knife to my neck all the time in my own home because they continually bombard you in your home 24/7, there is NO SHELTER and it doesn't stop, damaging you inside because it destroys your internal voice, constrains freedom of thought because of lack of privacy/torment, feeling of degradation because of the humiliation of them even being able to get you and continue raping you like this without knowing who they are or how to stop it and I lost my visualizations/imagination to the same level I used to have where I would even forget how I look as a clean mental image I use to have for example, insinuating harassment based on previous topics or false memories of torture, etc. I honestly think, along with what happened to (directly or indirectly (knowingly or not) chemical lobotomize me (giving me Tardive twice) to remove my pleasure, they may have also gave me some other chemicals agents. (Likely Receptor down-regulation and dopamine receptors damage from the induced Tardive) I was told it could be the same group that did the Cuba EMF attacks, but I have no idea. 

They truly mess up your internal voice with blasting back your own thoughts back at you and inputting a different sounding internal voice to try and "soften" you or change you as if they are really helping you, but they are obviously harming me and I just cant figure out how to get it to stop. They seem to want to make sure I don't think to the same level as the colourful mind when I was younger to maybe, with aid of their false memories, change who I think I am as a character, to forget that it was me that invented those ideas. I TRULY was the inventor and I have other new ideas  as well which I am not sure are even safe.

***Please help me stop this unfair treatment, where I am supposed to live a serene, private life with real mutual love and respect and get back my feeling of security like when I was younger until my life flipped upside down. It's like many people stuck swords through me and I never seen there hand, extracting me for there own gain and getting nothing but suffering and a real possible outlook of death from what was otherwise used to be a happy life.

They damage my memory with electromagnetic frequency as well and they can put in false memories that they release in the future with triggers (there are no new ones though). (deep penetrating fluctuating EMF buzzing where you cannot hear your internal voice to the normal equilibrium extent - possibly 2.45GHz or around there and removing my WiFi Brother printer actually helped the severity previously, so you can tell just from that there is something in me resonating and no ones believes me) They also caused me to have tardive to remove my pleasure in the hospital previously when I was simply trying to figure out who it was and how it was happening without drawing conclusions (and somehow I am too crazy? - thanks for nothing, but helping the suffering!). I am quite sure it is known abuse and every step you take to try and get help or get the abuse to stop they happily hit you by making sure the door to your deserved privacy and freedom is completely closed and it happened many times and on top of that you are already suffering and it is all a lengthy process of false hope. I am very strong that I have not lost my life already and strong to endure this long. Completely unacceptable “treatment”/abuse. Even my worst enemy, I wouldn’t even do this for a day! (for some reason it feels like a religious campaign and again, I am not religious) I also noticed they try and rack up your expenses by how things flow to get out of this. Like I said earlier, they don’t want me to make any money (limiting my company sales and visibility, investment potential and no compensation from the valuable innovation from my own mind that they line there pockets with gold with and watch me suffer as entertainment for there primal ego.) 

They try to discredit you to prevent reimbursement. Along with taking away your pleasure and happiness and peace, you cant even feel privacy in your home for any personal thoughts or moments, let alone sleep properly (when I am trying to operate my corporation) and wake even remotely happy everyday. Yes, it is a terrorist attack on me and im just kept under the rug, walked on, abused and extracted clean.

I want the privacy, security, mutual respect, etc. that everyone gets to enjoy!

I am also very worried about my security and financials if they can steal my passwords from my own mind. 
(it is advanced technology with EMF and smart dust and backscatter to read)

If they can just take your life away without you knowing and looking back at the damage and no ones helps, WHAT IS THE POINT?


Note: I am not a danger to myself or others.


2007 From my intellectual property extraction as I am the person who told the group who seemed nice at the time until I lost my memory (it could be Advanced Technology Program they said, which closed the same year, but I am not sure, so I apologize for mentioning it, if it isnt) the following invention/product ideas:

Shared these: Foldable card knife, airless tires with hexagonal hole, magnetic putty. After I went with them (worst mistake of my life, but thinking I would get reward being young); destructible messaging, spiral faucet, spiral bullet (they called it the RIP bullet), bug gun (I said to use sugar, they said salt), body modification between the veins, concept idea for Titan Fall, organic ink* daytime fireworks. maybe some others. I doubt I would get compensation. I am looking for privacy, truly worth way more then money.

It seemed to have to do with the entertainment industry as well and a couple movie ideas involved as well. Possibly “Lucy” because of the research chemical area, accidentally tripping Lucy in elementary school and suggesting naming it that and recall even possibly picking the actor, etc. Metrik - Terminus also says my last name ( also from that night, the feeling of coming up with a creative song with pulsating intermittent bass and from the vocals, it seems to be Livewire- fading light (maybe others), also possibly the phrase said in; The Upbeats - diffused). Since they humiliated me and from what I went through, I guess it would be a "smear campaign?" to prevent reimbursement. I am very worried at what type of humiliation these creeps did to me and my life. I am the last of my family name as well and they destroyed my family. (freedom to live a serene life, where things flow to make my decision with mutual respect and love, whether I want a family or not, without what I had to go through to ruin opportunities as a possible damaged person) From what I recall everything I invented, I noticed in real life after and with the entertainment industry involved, I guess they were just "celebrating my death" from what I recall being the terminology. They sure try to make you kill yourself even in your own home after. They did push me to suicide in 2014 covertly by electronic means to insinuate/“trigger” based on previous false memories where this tactic was new to me and shocking. I have also caught them once utilizing the EMF on me in a dream state in bed, where I woke up to them trying to put in a rape scenario, from a while after the lowest night of my life by the river, where the false memories and triggers drove me to suicide. (I won’t do that again and there are no new false memories, but it was different circumstances where the false memory left you with severe stress, no hope, etc. as it was a new tactic to me/didn’t know it existed, so immediately I though it was real. The severity of it was truly a type of torture.) 

Thank you for your help.

I need to stop this unfair, abusive, tormenting treatment immediately. I need to live my private life with what I have left, to regain happiness and I need to move away somewhere else. I am trying to live a successful, happy cottage life in PRIVACY. No disturbances.




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