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The television show The Last Day's Of Michael Jackson was aired on Thursday May 24,2018 was fabricated. The show portrayed him as a drug addict and a child Molester. Nothing was never said about any of the good Michael Jackson had done in the year's that he was living. Michael Jackson had won A Humanitarian award for his Efforts to change the world donating In 2006 during World Music awards it was comfirmed that he donated $300 million to charity . But now it is approx $500 million . Cause his earning is still going to several charities which he support throughout his lifetime . He holds the Guinness world record for donated maximum amount of money as an entertainer . Michael Jackson Can Not Defend his self against Fabricated lies and Trash bestowed against OR Upon him because of his death on June 25, 2009 as his Fan's his Estate and Family and Friend's we are his voice and speaking on Michael Jackson's  behalf to get THE LAST DAY'S OF Michael Jackson removed from Television and no LONGER TO BE BROADCAST AND RETURNING TO TELEVISION EVER AGAIN. IT'S SLANDER AND DEFORMATION OF CHARACTER!!