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Save "NEVERLAND" - heart, soul and home of Michael Jackson !!!!

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Hello everyone !!  

I am glad to have found a platform to highlight and share an important issue which may prove to be a great step ahead in the history of art, music, creativity and innovation. I am writing this petition to save NEVERLAND, the former home of a legend, the King of pop, a historical pioneer and an icon - MICHAEL JACKSON

Before I come to the crux, let me enlighten you all a little about him.


Most rewarded artist nd entertainer of all times; most powerful nd influential popstar nd human being to have ever embraced our planet; a pioneer in black history nd the history of music nd dance who paved the golden path of glamour nd glitter for all the forecoming artists; most loved, adored, idolized, worshipped person ever with the largest fan base of all times. Popularly known as the King of pop, Michael Jackson, dedicated all his life to music , creating history, helping nd healing sick children, donating major portion of his concert incomes to numerous meaningful causes around the globe. 

His talent, his hardwork , his magic, his aura knew no limits, crossed the seas ,overcame all racial barriers,  broke all the boundaries of black history, made so many world records that even he couldn't surpass them himself nd they still stand unchased today.

In 1987, he bought a home for himself in California which spread over 2700 acres nd he called it NEVERLAND. He made a big amusement park in his home having carousels, roller coaster rides; he had a big zoo inside it having many exotic animals; he had swimming pool, movie theatre,  many antique statues depicting his love for children,  a dance studio,  a Disney style train station,  a barn and several other facilities.

NEVERLAND represented the whole entirety of Michael Jackson. It was his soul encompassing the whole house and he loved it like a parent loves his child. The King of pop recorded many of his hit songs in NEVERLAND. He lived there for 15 years. While he was living there , he often opened his home's gates to poor nd sick children so that they could get healed nd enjoy the luxuries they couldn't afford.

In my words, NEVERLAND was a creation of a time frame of MJ's life that was missing - childhood, as it was exchanged for hardwork, late night rehearsals, pain and solitude right from the tender age of 5. He healed many sick children by just being there with them and supporting them. He was an angel and NEVERLAND was his heaven on earth. 

NEVERLAND is up for sale for $67 million. It is a magical place on earth which was once the home of a genius, the kindest human being nd an icon. This place should remain the way MJ wanted it to be. It should continue to be the same source of happiness for thousands of poor and sick children and millions of his moonwalker fans. It should not lose its magic by getting into the wrong hands. NEVERLAND should always continue the legacy of Michael Jackson. It should be converted into a Michael Jackson museum. The rides, the train station must be restored back to their glorious days. 

The realtor responsible for the sale of Neverland sees it as an ideal place for winery which is the most lame thing that could be done with one of the most historical pieces of land on this planet. Michael wanted to hold charity functions there. He wanted to share the joy,wonderment and magic of never growing up through the medium of Neverland. It doesn't happen every day that people buy or want to possess home that stretches upto thousands of acres. No single individual can or would be willing to buy 2700 acres of land which would involve millions and millions of money for maintainance. So, instead of wasting away the precious memories that Neverland beholds of the historical pioneer, it should rather be handed out to the Michael Jackson Estate, or to the Jackson Family, and if neither of these ,then to the U.S. Government.

The ideal thing to do with this vast fairytale like dream is to convert the Neverland residence into MJ Museum where all his iconic moments, his precious belongings, his work of art, his short films, his thousands of philanthropic deeds , his pioneer steps in making and changing the face of music, his concerts, his private home videos, his family pictures, etc are showcased to the world at large. The zoo shall be restored and renamed as the MJ zoo; the train station shall be restored as MJ train station; the amusement park in which thousands of poor kids had a chance to have the time of their lives shall be named after him. The beautiful ponds shall be named after him. As for the hundreds and thousands of free acres of land, they shall be left covered by flora and fauna just as Michael wanted it to be. Let Neverland always be a place out of time, where people can freeze their childhood and remain young in our hearts forever.

 NEVERLAND - home of MICHAEL Jackson should be a tribute to him. That's the least we can do in return of all the love, magic, joy, symphony and meaning MJ gave to us throughout his entire life. The same has been done to the house where he was born in Gary, Indiana on 29th August 1958. NEVERLAND  should be a historical monument - a tribute to the moon walking angel who was born to delight and inspire millions; whose message was pure love; who changed the face of music; whose voice, ideas, songs had the power to change the world. To keep him alive ,we have to continue the legacy left behind him. That's why NEVERLAND should be turned into a MJ museum where all his memorabilia, awards, belongings, achievements must be showcased for the rejoice of millions of fans around the globe. And so that we can preserve a precious gem ,that we lost too soon ,for many centuries to come.

Let Neverland always be the beautiful place commemorating a beautiful angel whom God chose to send on earth to change and enlighten millions of lives forever !! Let Neverland be a tribute to the God of music - Michael Jackson, till the end of this planet !!

So, on an ending note I request all the moonwalkers and every other person concerned who loves and respects MICHAEL JACKSON  for the person he was to come forward and sign this petition so that NEVERLAND doesn't go out in the wrong hands;  so that NEVERLAND is always preserved as a tribute to MJ - an angel who shined his divine light upon us and made this world a better place.

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