Reducing the amount of plastic reaching oceans.

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We want to reduce the amount of plastic waste entering our oceans. The already growing amount is drastically damaging our aquatic environment. After looking further into this, we were shocked and disappointed at the large quantities of plastic floating in our oceans. Aquatic wildlife is being damaged as some animals such as turtles are mistaking plastic for food. This is also happening to many other species in the oceans.

After seeing these impacts, we believe action should be taken. Therefore we have set up this petition to not only increase awareness but also ask if people were willing to help change this and prevent any more damage. 

One of the leading causes of plastics and micro plastics in oceans comes from plastic straws. Therefore to try and help reduce this, we are asking people if they would try to cut back on using plastic straws. An alternative to plastic straws would be paper straws, which are equally efficient but help to save the oceans as they're bio-degradable. 

Furthermore, we are asking to introduce a ban on using plastic straws in restaurants, bars, pubs and other public places that serve drinks and use paper ones instead.

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