Ban cat and dog meat in the UK

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Once upon a time Britain called itself a nation of animal lovers. Well, those days are long gone! Now we have been reduced to a nation which when our most important ally asks for support we look away. Recently the USA banned dog meat consumption in their country. This was not because America has a problem but a message being sent by compassionate, caring people, who were brave enough to speak out, to the cat and dog meat trade. You are aware that the trade torture literally millions of animals to death in unspeakable ways every year. Many of these animals are stolen pets who are boiled, burned and skinned alive in deliberate torture often lasting days. The filthy slaughterhouses spread disease and contaminated meat. Finally the skins from these animals are sent around the world with dishonest labels, marking them as faux fur and leather. WE know that the government are fully aware of these facts. We know that many MPs of all parties called for the UK to follow the lead of America and bring in a ban here to send out our own message. There is as you know a growing coalition of countries, banding together to support this initiative but to our shame Britain is not one. The call of our MPs was answered by the government declaring it was not needed. Thus the MPs, America, the coalition and all the people in this country and around the world who see the true horror of the cat and dog meat trade have been let down. Who would ever have thought that Britain would get itself into this position. We demand that the UK stand beside America and so much of the world in condemning torture. We demand a ban is brought it.
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