Stop the trial of 5G at Glastonbury Festival 2019

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As you may have seen in recent news, EE are going to use this years Glastonbury festival as a 'trial area' to test the use of 5G. This will increase the download speed for social media users at the festival, however they are ignoring all of the health warnings from scientists who have been testing it. 5G creates a much higher exposure to radiation than anything that has been used before and has been proven to be unpredictable, hence the use of 'trial areas' by large mobile network companies. Scientists have proven that unlike 3G and 4G, 5G waves will interact directly with the skin and sweat glands. We now have very clear evidence that radio frequencies are carcinogenic (cause cancer) to humans and animals, along with heart and DNA damage. 5G frequencies have even been tested to create a burning sensation on the skin. It also causes many harmful effects in insects and bees, which we know are essential to human life. There are endless health risks that scientists are warning us about and, as an attendee of Glastonbury festival, I will not let large companies risk thousands of people's health just to improve their business. Please join me and sign this petition to raise awareness to the organisers of the festival and prevent the trial from happening. 

More info on the health risks can be found here: