Make Michael/Emily Eavis hold back more local tickets for Glastonbury Festival!!

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Glastonbury Festival is pretty great.

But not when your outside the festival dealing with the back lash with no ticket and living locally...

We deal with a lot of s**t being local to the festival - traffic being a number one issue practically making the whole of the region gridlocked, as well as noise and pollution (*cough* rivers - decline in marine life since the festival *cough*)  also general interference.

Every year in my memory locals have had a good chance of getting tickets which makes this all bearable. This year something has clearly gone wrong....

You may have seen twitter posts or articles on Somerset Live but a lot of locals are left frustrated as a large proportion will have to deal with the festival without the relief that at least I have a ticket so all's good!

Local peoples money is just as good as the rest of countries so sell us some more there's clearly demand.

Local  Tickets sold out in 11minutes on Thursday and 3 minutes on Saturday which is unheard of for Locals.

So sort us out please Mike.