Justice for Tank! Have his attacker deemed as a dangerous animal.

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We recently had our beloved English Staffy “Tank” brutally mauled by an aggressive and obviously uncontrollable American Staffy (twice Tanks size) on Monday evening the 11/03/19. 

The event happened when Carl (owner) was walking Tank on a lead on the footpath in Rutherford. He passed a house not far from his home where this dog was (apparently) tied up. The dog had seen tank and attacked tank on his blind side. Neither Carl or Tank saw the dog attacking. 

Upon impact the dog ripped into tanks throat,  tore into his front paws and broke his hind leg so visicously the vets said “there was an 80% chance that we have to amputate”. 

Once Carl was able to free Tank, he was limp in his arms. Carl thought he had lost him. He went straight to the vet.

As any dog owners would do, once Tank was stable Carl and myself tried to contact the ranger after hours to alert of a dangerous dog and went to our local police station to file a report. We could not get through to the ranger until the next morning and the police took the event down but said that was all they could do. All we kept thinking was ‘what if our kids were with us on our walk like normal?’ And ‘what if another person walks past with their dog in the mean time?’

After recent attacks across the state including two deaths of children, the state government increased the infringements and introduced a new classification being "menacing" which means an authorised officer (ranger) can declare a dog menacing if It acts aggressive. all this was brought in to make the community safer and give more power to rangers to act rather than wait for the attack then act. 

What has happened in our case is a dog has been attacked. the attacking dog is known to council, council has issued an infringement and let a dangerous dog back into the community. if that dog attacks again, either on a human or other animal, the victim will have a very strong case against council because it failed in its duty of care to the community.

We need to address two topics separately. 1st being Greg's (Maitland City Council Ranger) inaction is addressing the behaviour of the dog, but the more important one is council is failing the community to protect them from dangerous dogs. Every other hunter council and councils across NSW address the criminal aspect (infringement for attack) and also adder the dogs behaviour, by way of control orders. 3 options are nuisance order (minor e.g. rushing at a person or animal) Menacing (causing injury to a person or animal) and dangerous ( causing serious injury or death of a person or animal). Why hasn't this happened in our case??

Walking was Tanks favourite thing. 

Tank had his leg broken in 6 places. Multiple lasceration requiring glue and stitches to his throat and legs. The bone was broken so bad he was borderline amputatee. He now will live in a crate for 12 weeks with a metal splint attached. Not to mention, Tank is acting like a completely different dog from all the truma. He wouldn’t even let Carl touch him. It’s heartbreaking as his owner to see his beautiful personality be weakened by this.

The vet bill is $4200 so far for Tank. The owner of the attacking dog has stated he is on Centrelink and can not afford to pay for the damages his dog inflicted.

Please sign our petition so we can take this further and get some justice for Tank.