ABC - STOP advertising an ADULT festival to CHILDREN!

ABC - STOP advertising an ADULT festival to CHILDREN!

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Recently an advertisement for Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras was aired on ABC Me, a children's television station.  

Dear Michael Carrington - the producer and manager of ABC Me:

How is it ok to advertise this festival for children, when many floats and parade groups include phallic symbols, nakedness, and behaviours for adults?  When the website advertised segments called 'Under the Covers' by Courtney Act and pictures depicting sexual behaviours on the front page?  

Please remove this from your station immediately, as it is inappropriate for children to have an Adult festival advertised to them, and keep your advertisements age appropriate from now on...

Please note:  This petition is not representing any particular views on the Mardi Gras or personal sexual preferences, however we are wanting to keep childrens tv for children.  We are asking this respectfully, so I ask that those that sign and comment please do so respectfully. 

Post script:  The Mardi Gras has been and gone, however this petition continues to gain momentum.  It should send a firm message:  In future, ABC children's stations should keep advertising for children ONLY, not for adult festivals.  

Extra post script:  despite contacting a number of media outlets including ABC twice, there has been crickets chirping in my ears..... how sad that they can completely ignore such a fast growing petition.  Keep signing folks because Im not giving up and will continue to contact various newspapers, TV stations and more. 

Thanking you.