Message to the Mayor Campaign

Message to the Mayor Campaign

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Why this petition matters

From Allies to Abolitionists Denver is a grassroots movement  demanding the abolition of systemic injustice across our city and state. Below is one account of such systemic injustice for which our community demands justice and accountability.

People experiencing homelessness in the city of Denver are being violently attacked and having property confiscated and damaged by your authority. There are not enough sanitation stations and portable restroom facilities for people who are experiencing homelessness in our city. During this pandemic, and the recent spike of cases, we must act now in order to save lives. These are temporary solutions that help mitigate the risk of the spread of Covid-19 and reduce the risk of death among the unhoused. 

Therefore, as concerned citizens against systemic violence and criminalization of poverty, we demand that the City of Denver: 

1) Immediately direct the CDPHE to terminate all evictions (sweeps) of encampments and cease enforcing the camping ban, and commit to repealing the ordinances that comprise it 

2) Make existing public restroom facilities open overnight, and provide additional portable restrooms and sanitation facilities (hand washing stations) available for Denver’s unhoused people 

3) Designate safe outdoor space areas for encampments for people experiencing homelessness

According to the Center for Disease control, homeless sweeps contribute to the spread of Covid-19, and prolong the need for lockdown: 

Furthermore, mental health professionals advise that sweeps of encampments exacerbate the traumas and injuries associated with those living outside: 

We appreciate your earnest effort and attention in this matter. 

- From Allies to Abolitionists 



1,120 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!