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Please Save Tundra!

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We need to get the word out and help poor Tundra before the courts consider him a "vicious" dog and euthanize him! I also have started a Go Fund Me acct to help hire an attorney! Thanks

Please share!!! Melissa Ficara-Sapp
Please help us bring our best friend home!!!!
First, I'm going to give you some background info on Tundra, then I'll tell you why he needs your help to save him. Tundra is a pitbull terrier, but he doesn't know that. Tundra thinks he is a baby…
We had looked into adopting a pitbull at the Aspca, but weren't sure on the laws in our city, Louisburg, KS. We talked to the Aspca, they found no ban on pitbulls on the city's website and said we could legally adopt one. We were thrilled! But, we wanted to wait for the right moment and gather everything a new puppy would need.
When the time came and we were ready to adopt, a close friend of ours said he had a litter of pitbull puppies about to be born...So we waited. When the puppies were just 1 week one we went to see them and instantly fell in love with soon to be, Tundra.

We ended up taking our new baby home early, because his mother was having trouble feeding such a big litter of puppies... I was now his mother, he was my new baby.
Tundra grew and learned to sit, stay, come lay down and roll over in a very short time, our family was in love.
We had an officer across the street from our townhome, when I thought maybe we should ask if there are leash laws here, just to be safe. We had asked Officer Smith of any leash laws, he said the city did indeed have leash laws, but they are not enforced unless your dog has been deemed vicious or out of your control. Then he looked at Tundra as he was sitting by our side, and asked if he was a pitbull terrier. To which of course, we replied, “yes”. He continued to tell us the city has a ban on them, but as long as the dog was in our control, it was not enforced either.
As time went by, Tundra grew into the biggest cuddle bug I know.

Tundra loved playing outside with all of the kids in our neighborhood, they loved him like family. He has never met a stranger he didn't lick. Tundra is our family, he is a kind, sweet, gentle giant.
So, here comes the reason Tundra needs all of our help to save him...It was Tuesday, April 11th when I picked up our 3 children from school and brought them home at 3:30...We were in a hurry to get everyone's homework done and clean up and get ready for an event held at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. The children had a little bit of time to play outside, my son and our neighbor girl were both playing in the backyard with their bearded dragons. My husband was in a hurry to get home as well as to not miss this important event. As soon as he came home, at 5:15 pm, he let Tundra out to potty, then he came right back in, just like always. Our son was asked to come inside and put his bearded dragon away so he can get ready.
At this time our girls were both changing, my husband jumped in the shower and Tundra was asleep on our bed. As we were getting ready to walk out the door, we were in such a hurry, we just put Tundra in his kennel since he had gone out shortly before. We left our home at 6:00 pm. The neighbor girl still in the yard with her bearded dragon, we waved as we drove off.
My husband was helping with parking when we arrived at the Kingdom Hall. He received a text from our neighbor that the cops were looking for us and our dog. There was a report made that a child from 2 blocks north of us, had been riding his bike past our home and our sweet, gentle giant attacked him sending him to the er by ambulance.
This was very confusing to us, since we were not at home, and Tundra was locked up in his kennel, and locked inside our home. It just was not possible!
The neighbor girl, who was outside the entire time said she saw an ambulance come to our street a while after we had left, and the boy had puncture wounds from a dog...A dog...Not our dog. He described to the police a blonde girl in a bright shirt calling the dog to her after being attacked. I'm a brunette, and had a grey and black shirt on that day.
The next morning we called the police to see what really happened, to which they sent 2 male officers out to talk to me. I asked what happened, because we were not home during this incident. They wouldn't tell me much, other then this boy was a very good, intelligent boy and they knew his family. I asked when it happened, they couldn't give me a time, they said the boy was shaken up from the attack from my dog, as I corrected them it could not possibly be from our dog...They continued, said they're not here to take sides. But, this boy described my dog, and pointed to my house as to where the dog came from. I told them, I was not home. To which, one officer told me that I was wearing a bright shirt. He was accusing me, not asking me. I told him, no I wasn't. This isn't right and you have the wrong dog.
They told me, hey we are not taking sides, this is protocol. The boy said it was your dog, from your home and he has been bit by your dog…(So what he really meant was I'm not taking your side) he threatened me that if I do not bring my dog to the kennel at 7:30 that night I was resisting officers orders, which could lead to my arrest.
Our children were confused and devastated, upon hearing this news, heartbroken...The last few moments we had with Tundra were spent loving on him and hugging him tight thru tears and pain. Our neighbor’s children came over and broke down in tears with us, they were devastated that something like this could happen to such a loving dog, we all huddled and cried together.
My husband in tears, had brought Tundra to meet the police at the kennel...He went to the police station to hear the accusations. The time this boy says he was attacked was between 5:30-6:00pm. Tundra was asleep on our bed during this time, not causing any harm. I feel horrible for this boys family, and I do hope they find the dog that did this to their son. I have 3 young children, If I had any thought in my mind that my dog had done this, there would be no questions. But, the truth is he did not, he would not. I want justice for this boy and their family. I want justice for Tundra.
The court date to decide whether to euthanize our beloved dog for crime he didn't commit is set on June 13th, 2017. So until then Tundra will be locked up and treated as a viscous beast.
I honestly don't know what to do to save him from this injustice, we can't afford a lawyer at this time. We are planning on moving at the end of summer, and will not leave our best friend behind. If you know anyone who has been thru a similar situation or has any advice or information what so ever, please, please contact me: Melissa Sapp (913)702-4213 text/call email
Thank you for taking the time to read thru this and PLEASE HELP US SAVE OUR BABY!!!!

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