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Justice for Strushie - Miami Beach hotel mascot cat killed by arrows on the hotel property

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 We, Justice for Strushie,  need your support in demanding proper investigation and prosecution of this horrendous animal cruelty and animal abuse crime. 

 Supersweet, happy and easygoing Strushie, a beloved local Miami Beach fixture at the Franklin Hotel (860 Collins Avenue) was killed on the hotel property in early morning of 4/26/2017 by two arrows in his little orange head and neck from a crossbow. He died a slow excruciatingly painful death.

 A top part of one of the two arrows was found on steps of the hotel property although Strushie was finally captured under a dumpster after a frantic run with arrows on his head and neck, on the north side of the Franklin Hotel facing 9th street. The Franklin Hotel's main building (860 Collins) has all suites and they lease out all the hotel rooms in the building next to them. That other building has many security cameras both outside and inside controlled and owned by the Franklin Hotel. Both buildings have a DVR that record and backup footage. There are over eight cameras owned by The Franklin that face the courtyard and the steps between the two buildings where the top part of the arrow was found and where 4 resident hotel cats including Strushie spent most of their time eating and sleeping. 

 According to several sources, it is unlikely Strushie was killed outside of the hotel property as he and the other three resident cats never went back there. He always stayed on The Franklin Hotel property. In contrast to some news reports, actually, Strushie was found by one of the women who fed him on the north side of The Franklin Hotel facing 9th street. This information was confirmed by one of the two men who were there at the time Strushie was found. When the women tried to pick him up and help him, he frantically ran away from them and circled the building a few times until he came to rest under a dumpster in the alley behind the hotel. Surveillance video needs to be reviewed from the Franklin Hotel, adjoining buildings, buildings on the other side of 9th street and on the other side of Collins in front of The Franklin Hotel. The Franklin Hotel has many security cameras that are motion activated around the entire perimeter of the hotel including inside spaces. 

 Strushie lounged in the hotel lobby and on their front patio while admired and loved by their many customers. He showered the hotel employees and customers with affection, and received as much as he gave. After the new owners bought the Franklin Hotel in November 2016, however, Strushie had to suffer abuse on the hotel property because the new owners didn't like cats. All of Strushie's short life, the hotel property had been his only home. The kind women who fed him were harassed by the new owners for feeding him, and were threatened with legal trespass action. 

 When hotel owners have nothing to hide, they show the police their security footage when requested or if not requested, they offer it to help find a criminal. There was a crime commited in the area and the police came into the Franklin Hotel but the new owners declined to give the police access to security video footage. 

According to sources, the new owners signed up for shooting classes. Were those archery classes or gun classes? One of the new owners is an avid weapon collector, i.e. guns, knives, swords, crossbows and a plethora of other weapons. Prior to Strushie murder, arrows were found inside the Franklin Hotel by one of its employees. 

Also according to sources,  one of the new owners was relentlessly complaining about his hatred of the cats and his desire to "kill them." The new owner had made his hatred abundantly clear to his employees, the former owner and others. As part of the agreement to transfer the hotel property from the previous owner, the new owners had to guarantee that the hotel resident cats could remain as that was the only home they knew. The new owners agreed, but many speculate this agreement was insincere to facilitate the transfer. Subsequent to the transfer of ownership, one of the owners was seen KICKING poor sweet Strushie on more than one occasion. 

The new owners hated the hotel cats and were feuding (financial reasons involving a liquor license) with the former owner who loved the cats, especially Strushie, her favorite.

 Subsequent to this tragic murder, the new owners have not worked with the police or offered them any real assistance. In contrast, the new owner has told many untruths about his hotel security equipment in which the police took him at his word even after they were showed the backup DVR recording system and spoke with the prior owner. 

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