We want Nancy Allen to play a role in RoboCop returns!

We want Nancy Allen to play a role in RoboCop returns!

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The film RoboCop, released in 1987, directed by Paul Verhoeven and produced by Jon Davison was a worldwide phenomenon that spawned two more sequels based on the characters originally created by Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner: RoboCop2, 1990 and RoboCop 3, 1993.

In such sequels, the iconic name of actress Nancy Allen featured. However, in 1993, the long-time police partner of RoboCop, officer Anne Lewis was screen-killed by comic book writer Frank Miller, and no matter how even Director Fred Dekker has acknowledged such fact as a mistake in the universe of RoboCop, over the last 25 years, no one has tried to bring back actress Nancy Allen to reprise her role again in another official release that has the brand name of RoboCop on it.

In 2014, most RoboCop fans felt discouraged, as the online complaints and requests for a new RoboCop movie were mostly ignored when the RoboCop (Remake) directed by Jose Padhilla was premiered just to realize it did NOT live up to the original masterpiece produced in 1987.

More and more, the ‘Neumeier-Verhoeven seal of gender equality’ that was imprinted in the original RoboCop seems to be fading away. The character of Anne Lewis, for decades, has attracted a large audience of female young fans that otherwise would not have been interested in a SCI FI action film, if there was not a strong heroine they could identify with in it.

Despite the change of writers and directors, actress Nancy Allen managed to maintain grace under fire, by giving consistent development to the character of Anne Lewis, showing extreme professionalism and love for the role that helped to break gender paradigms in action –SCI FI films from the 80’s and 90’s in which, if the female element was subtracted from them, the movie plots would hardly be affected.

The recent news isn’t favorable once again for the second most important character in the original RoboCop storyline and Nancy Allen has not yet been included in the upcoming RoboCop Returns film that seems to be in progress at the moment.

Once again, we, the hardcore RoboCop fans feel IGNORED on our requests and are discontent to see, our claims are not being taken seriously and the storyline of RoboCop won’t be respected.

The fan community of RoboCop, the ones that have been consuming and buying the products that have the RoboCop label on them, for decades, the ones that have kept the names RoboCop and Anne Lewis relevant in the online world, by creating fan tributes that are made in our free time and sustained with the money earned by our day jobs are the ones requesting now to have the iconic name of actress Nancy Allen included in the forthcoming RoboCop film.

This is the era in which veteran actors and actresses are reprising iconic, legendary roles that highlighted their careers in the decades of the 80’s and 90’s.

Actress Nancy Allen SHOULD NOT be the exception, as she was the co-protagonist of the RoboCop series that never refused a participation in them, despite the unfairness with which both her and her character of Anne Lewis were treated.

We would like to ask MGM Studios, Producer Edward Neumeier and Director Neill Blomkamp if this new RoboCop project will be aimed at younger audiences by setting a PG13 rating to the film, or, if the requests of the long-time RoboCop fans that have helped sustain the franchise for decades will be listened this time around.

We want Nancy Allen to be included in the project!
Her portrayal of Officer Anne Lewis gave the three films mentioned above the heart of the movies and humanity of the main protagonist.

She deserves to be acknowledged as we, the fans, haven’t forgotten about the great work she did for the series. Neither should you.

340 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
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