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Make Destructoid the only sanctioned critic before it's too late

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There is already a petition, "Metacritic to stop using IGN as a legit critic," that aims to ban IGN from Metacritic consideration because of its Doom review that, "severely alter[ed] the score that it deserves."

However, I do not think that proposed legislation goes far enough. Sometimes I go to Metacritic to find Destructoid's review of a game, but after sitting on my own balls, accidentally click another site's review. This is unacceptable. The whole point of Metacritic is that I can find opinions that align with my own for an objective appraisal of a game and there's no way I can do that if Metacritic houses reviews that I do not agree with so, please, Metacritic:

Do away with all aggregate reviews that do not come from Before it's too late.*

* (I don't know why it's too late, but advises, "Communicate urgency. Example: 'Approve life-saving medication for my daughter's insurance before it’s too late.'" Please save my daughter's life by voting in this poll)

* (This is in no way a petition started by an editor of in order to funnel all Metacritic traffic to their website, please stay on topic. Remember when IGN gave God Hand a 3???)

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