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We want a Public Park & not a Convention Centre & not another concrete jungle in Melawati

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We were given promises of a Public Park besides Melawati Mall by the developer Sime Darby Property five years ago and it has already been given green light and agreed upon by Majlis Perbandaran Ampang Jaya (MPAJ).

The proposed 3.37 acre Public Park has been branded and marketed by Sime Darby Property as 'Central Park' or 'Melawati Green Centre' to the buyers of Gaya Apartment, Serini Apartment and rest of Taman Melawati population.

In an interview with EdgeProp published last March, the head of township of KL East for Sime Darby Property, Mohd Shahreza Maswan explained, “SERINI Melawati is located close to the brand new Central Park Melawati, an extension of the green spaces within the development." 

"The park boasts immaculately designed green spaces, water features and activity centres among the stylish commercial and retail-scape of the township’s urban centre," Mohd Shahreza said.

Read the full interview:

The Central Park was part of Sime Darby's plan for redevelopment of Melawati which include Melawati Mall, Service Apartment, Gaya Apartment, Melawati Corporate Centre and Serini Apartment.

Please click below of the link for sales brochure by Sime Darby Property as part of its marketing pitch for Serini Melawati residences. Please read page 20 and 21.

The Central Park was supposed to be constructed together alongside the construction of Serini Apartment and Melawati Mall.

We were informed that Sime Darby wants to 'give back' to Melawati residents for building a huge shopping mall on a site which used to be a football field for residents besides the current site of Adni Islamic School, by providing a Melawati Green Centre or Central Park.

The original green square for a Public Park is currently located at Lorong Selangor and Lorong Perak across Melawati Mall.

Currently, the Pusat Khidmat Rakyat of Member of Parliament Gombak and Menteri Besar of Selangor Dato' Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali also sits on this 3.37 acre green site.

Suddenly, MPAJ made a U-Turn.

Following the wish and suggestion by Menteri Besar of Selangor Dato' Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali to build a public facility for Melawatians for weddings, meetings, convention facility and others, the plan for a Public Park has been cancelled and already replaced with MPAJ Convention Centre - another concrete infrastructure.

Instead, the proposed Public Park has been moved to 3-acre site besides Serini Apartment, behind Jalan C1 or at the area in which the water supply pipeline (big pipe) from Klang Gate Dam currently located, far from the original site besides Melawati Mall.

MPAJ already opened a tender for the construction of the Convention Centre on 12 May, 2017 and the closing date for the tender bidding was 9 June, 2017.

The construction of this concrete infrastructure may begin by end of this year and will take 2 years to complete. 

With all due respect to Menteri Besar of Selangor and MPAJ, we the residents of Taman Melawati and supporters of green lung would like to send you a message from our heart - we want to express our strong OBJECTION to your plan in building MPAJ Convention Centre.

Please find our reasons for objecting to the construction of MPAJ Convention Centre to replace the Public Park.

  • A Public Park represents the Melawati community and local authority commitment - direct and indirect - in educating and expose the children to appreciate nature's beauty and allow us to spend quality time with the kids with outdoor activities;
  • We want a Public Park across Melawati Mall since Melawatians have been promised of a Central Park by Sime Darby in its original plan for regeneration of Melawati;
  • The Central Park will be the perfect location for families with children and young generation to appreciate greenery as an extension to a shopping mall just like KLCC; 
  • The Central Park was also a promise to Gaya Apartment and Serini Apartment buyers as part of Sime Darby Property marketing exercise;
  • Enough already of another concrete jungle in Melawati, we seriously need a BIG public park since we don't have one;
  • A Convention Centre will surely add to the traffic mess faced by Melawati population now that Melawati Mall already opened since 26 July and also keep in mind that a Service Apartment will be constructed on the current site of Adni Islamic School;
  • Imagine the huge road traffic woes when residents of Serini Apartment and MM Residency to use the same route of Jalan Bandar 12 and Lorong Selangor, the site of MPAJ Convention Centre;
  • Please remember - more cars, more traffic, more carbon emission;
  • A Public Park besides Melawati Mall will also support MPAJ aspiration for Low Carbon City Action Plan;
  • A Central Park besides Melawati Mall will complete the circle of having a cycling/jogging lane from this park to entire Melawati roads and this public park could provide further spark for cycling and running activities in Melawati.

Please support our cause by writing in the column of Reasons for Signing.

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3) Office of Menteri Besar of Selangor and Member of Parliament of Gombak

4) Managing Director of Sime Darby Property

5) Ahli Majlis MPAJ Zone 1

MPAJ has informed Melawati residents that there won't be a public hearing for the construction of this Convention Centre which will accommodate around 1,000 people upon completion.

Hence, Melawati residents and green supporters can't put forward an objection officially to MPAJ under the state domain.

This online PETITION is very important since it will reflect the determination of the Melawati neighbourhood and residents of the nearby housing areas about fighting for a green lung and highlighting the need for a BIG Public Park besides a shopping mall and residential buildings.

Most importantly;

Do we really need a specific big building for weddings, kenduri, events and all that in Taman Melawati now that our place is less green than it used to be?

It is your call

We need thousands and thousands of signature for this PETITION and exert pressure on the authorities and highlight the importance of having a Public Park at its original proposed site.


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