Change School Policy on Self Defense

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I am a student at Mesa High School who was recently attacked at school on campus after school hours. Before the incident, the particular student tried to attack earlier that day, but was stopped by all the students in the particular class. It should’ve stopped there but didn’t. A teacher witnessed the student trying to attack me the first time, but did absolutely nothing. I am starting this petition to change the school policy on self defense. In this particular situation, the attacker was double my size. The school had the audacity to suggest I let the attack happen until “A staff member arrives”. It doesn’t make sense to me as to why I would let myself get attacked. There could’ve been so many different, worse outcomes, but luckily this time wasn’t one of them. The school suggests that since I defended myself, I should get the same punishment of a 10 day suspension. That isn’t the case. While the attacker gets a 10 day vacation, I’m the one getting punished. Most teens don’t want to go to school, but I do. My love of band and music has inspired me to do so much with music, my school day is based around all my band classes. While he only got 10 days, I got 10 days suspension, kicked out of regionals or all state, not allowed to perform for our district band festival, not allowed to perform for our NAU jazz trip, or even attend the trip, and kicked out of our schools pit orchestra. While that kid only got 10 days, I got kicked out of the things I spent two years practicing for. Two years. Over a stupid situation where I defended myself, I get the most repercussions. And yet, the school has the audacity to say I’m at fault for defending myself, and I am equally at fault. In the real world, if you are fighting in self defense, you don’t get punished. How is that any different now? The point of this petition is to raise awareness for how ignorant the school policy is, and to show how easy it is for a school to just sweep your case under the rug. I’m fighting back. Bring back the no tolorance bullying policy and fix the crappy policies in place. This petition isn’t for me, it’s for all the students who are affected by such ignorant policies, and for the school to realize that they can’t continue to just push aside students cases, and push these ignorant and no good policies. A student should not get repercussions for self defense. Even if a no tolorance fighting policy is in place, it isn’t the fault of the victim if they are attacked, or forced into an altercation. Many public schools have a program for bullies to be placed in a special course targeted to help troubled teens with their behavior problems. In a world like today, such a course, or some kind of extracurricular program specifically for bullies should be in place. What’s stopping bullies from attacking again? If they get caught, they get a free 10 day vacation from school. These kids don’t want to go to school in the first place, and make school a living hell for everyone else. See the inconsistencies? Fix this.