When you're being penalized for something you didn't do at Merrimack College

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When you're being penalized for something you didn't do at Merrimack College

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Allison Farina started this petition to Merrimack College

Merrimack College is threatening to charge ALL residents of the Saint Ann Apartments (G-tower, H-tower, J-tower, K-tower, L-tower, M-tower) on campus for damage that was done to a specified location, L-tower. They are arguing that the damage was done in a common space-the first floor lobby and the laundry room- and therefore residents who had nothing to do with this incident whatsoever, yet are considered a Saint Ann resident, must be punished for this "unacceptable behavior."

Well, the college writes, "the St. Thomas and St. Ann apartments primarily house upperclass students in an independent living environment." (http://www.merrimack.edu/about/offices_services/residence_life/on_campus_housing/).

I am resident of the Saint Ann Apartments who's intention was to live an independent life my senior year in preparation for life after college. I could have searched for apartments off campus, yet I chose to stay on campus as this "independent living environment" was being offered and it was most convenient. If I am being penalized for another persons actions, I am not being treated as an individual. How can I possibly adopt an independent lifestyle as a resident here if my individuality isn't respected in the first place and I have to constantly worry about other resident's actions and behaviors?  My fellow residents and I are not getting our money's worth.

In addition, while the college's residency agreement says, "each student is responsible for the care and the use of their assigned space," it does not utter one word concerning the consequences of communal damage (http://www.merrimack.edu/live/files/1386-2015-2016-residency-agreement).

Sign this petition if....

  1. You had nothing to do with this incident in L-tower.
  2. You believe that being punished for this act-something you did not do, or have any part in- is completely unfair.
  3. You are disappointed you did not get an "independent living environment" by choosing to live in the apartments on campus.
  4. You are appalled that your behavior is being called "unacceptable" when all you have done is behave appropriately.

 A charge will be posted to our student account by November 20, 2015 if no one comes forward.....so we really need all the signatures we can get!

Please share this petition with everyone you know.

If you have been punished for damage in your area of residence in the past and you weren't involved, tell Merrimack how you feel!

I will print out all your comments and signatures and hand them to reslife, and if we can reach 100 signatures- ill take it to Hopey.

Lets hope this works so we don't have to keep getting punished for things we aren't involved in.

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This petition had 102 supporters

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