Fix tyre skipping/crabbing/juddering on Mercedes-Benz C/GLC

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For Mercedes-Benz Australia to honour fixing the 'tyre skipping' problem on all C/GLC models. I contacted Mercedes-Benz and they replied its a characteristic "a comfort issue" of the car and does not affect the safety and performance of the car. Mercedes-Benz Australia have since refused to warrant replacing the front tyres free of charge for their unhappy customers. I really like my GLC43 AMG in other ways, but it is embarrassing to drive it around with people looking and pointing at the clonking and juddering of the wheels when parking up, when turning into my road, and when taking a roundabout. 

I feel the response is unacceptable as this is a worldwide issue with RHD GLC/C models. The issue is caused by the OE (orig. equip.) tyre tread flexing in an opposing direction to the track of the car with high steering camber on tight turns. This pulls the sidewalls sideways and the thumping is the tread slipping back under stress. In warmer weather, the crabbing is replaced by severe lateral stress, literally grinding the tread down instead of slipping and causing unpleasant front axle hop on full lock. My opinion is that the OE Conti tyres were just poorly constructed and the 21" wheels amplified the issue. The number of unhappy Mercedes-Benz owners is increasing rapidly and MB is simply refusing to investigate the issue saying that it's not a safety concern.

The unpleasant sensation has caused accelerated wear to the front tyres on all C/GLC owner vehicles. This problem has infuriated a lot of Mercedes-Benz owners as they are having to change tyres more frequently than they should need to.

We need to allow Mercedes-Benz the opportunity to rectify the fundamental fault by offering free replacement of tyres & alignment for current owners or finding a permanent fix for this design fault. If Mercedes-Benz fails to comply a class action should be considered. 

For those of you unaware here is a video by John Cadogan that highlights the issue:

Vehicles with known 'tyre skipping' problem with Continental tyres.

Mercedes-AMG GLC43 (Coupe and Wagon)

Mercedes-AMG C43 (All Variants)

Mercedes-Benz E43 AMG (All Variants)

Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG

Mercedes-Benz CLA (All Variants)

Mercedes-AMG CLA45

Mercedes-AMG GLA45

Mercedes-AMG A45

Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Mercedes-Benz GLA

Mercedes-Benz C/GLC