Teenage Depression and Suicide - Getting help for them

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Being a teenager can be very hard, especially living in the 21st century where pressure is high not only in person, but on social media as well. It’s almost impossible to escape and with it all. Teenagers can develop depression, whether it be mild, severe, or anywhere in between; depression in a teens life could be dangerous, and we need to find a way to help.

On an average, about 20% of teens have had depression before an adult age, 10-15% suffer from multiple symptoms at a time. And sadly, only 30% have professional help (centerfordiscovery.com). Teenagers have enough already to deal with such as changing physical appearance, social pressure, popularity, appearance, and many more so teens are more likely to develop depression or anxiety. The child with depression could have multiple reasons behind the sudden development and some could be that a family member could have it, children who have experienced trauma at home, untreated mental illnesses, the list goes on. (centerfordiscovery.com)

Some might wonder why this is important to know, and some just dismiss it as teen moods. But did you know that depression can cause a teen to develop suicidal thoughts? Think about this, I’ll give you a situation to imagine. You pass someone in the halls, you think it’s just another one like you, little do you know they are bullied, from a broken home, abused. They write a note on a single piece of paper at the end of the day. The next you arrive to school, they aren’t there, they aren’t there the next, or the next. Days pass and the news is broken. They committed suicide. You have the paper they wrote, you found it on the ground but were too scared to read it. You open it up and find out about their past, they write to their friend and ask for it to be given to their parents. An void is created and it is one that can never be filled. That once happy child you knew who would crack a joke or two with you during lunch. The one who would pass you in the halls and always give a wave and a smile. Gone, forever.

On average, every 100 minutes a teen takes their life, with suicide being the third-leading cause of death for people from the age of 15-24. What do you think of that? Now not every single case of depression ends in in suicide and not every teen has depression. But it can have long term effects on the child and the family. Teens with depression can lose interest in things that they had recently loved, they can become more sleepy and develop an attitude. Depression can lead to many other problems other than suicide.

Think of all I had said, like, really think about it. Keep that in mind as you carry on today, don’t let the pressure of school and social life get to you. I sure have, and it is not fun. Depression in teens can be dangerous, we need to find a way to help. When will we find a way to help each other, to help ourselves, will you help someone?