Justice for the killing of Avni the tigress

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Please sign the petition to get Avni justice. And to secure the lifes of her cubs. 

No mother should be killed when she protect her children. It does not matter if the mother is a human or an animal.

It is important to keep the diversity of the wild life in all countries World wide. India should not be an exception. The killing of Avni has left a lot of questions unanswered and servere rumours is floating around. If half of them are true this is a big scandal and there are lot of money iinvolved behind the curtains.

This ”affair” should be a target for an investigation big time.

The risk is otherwise that this will only be the start of a slaughter that will take Indias national animal on the list of extinguish animals. 

We are not only owe it to Avni and her cubs (who also are hunted and will be killed) but to our children and grandchildren as well. The diversity is crusial to all of us. Take away one part and there will be a huge inbalance in nature.