Urgent amendment to secure a People’s Vote

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We call on Members of Parliament to support an amendment to the Approval Motion requiring the informed consent of the British public, giving us the choice, via a referendum, of (a) exiting with Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal or (b) allowing the UK to remain in the European Union.

Why does this matter?

Over 700,000 people marched through London in October for a People’s Vote. But how can we actually secure one?

We are fast approaching crunch time. Any day now, Theresa May is expected to bring her proposed Brexit deal to the House of Commons. Then, our MPs will vote on whether or not to accept the deal via the ‘Approval Motion.’

But that’s not good enough. What about us, the public? Where is our democratic right to choose whether to accept or reject what Brexit actually looks like, as opposed to the vague, seductive-sounding rhetoric promised during the referendum campaign?

We need our MPs tabling and supporting an amendment for the important principle of informed public consent. Doctors can’t go ahead with a procedure without first explaining what is involved and allowing patients to weigh up the risks and benefits. And nor should politicians.

Four cross-party MPs who are doctors – Sarah Wollaston, Philipa Whitford, Paul Williams, Phillip Lee – are seeking urgently to amend the Approval Motion to give the public the right to accept or reject the Brexit deal on offer via a People’s Vote. The reality of Brexit – what it actually looks like -would be put back to us, the people, for a second referendum with one simple choice. Either to accept the deal on offer, or to remain in the EU. 

This matters and it matters now. If the motion is approved unamended, we would leave the EU on 29th March without any public say whatsoever.

I am an NHS doctor. Informed consent is the absolutely bedrock of everything I do  to try and help patients. We need informed consent for Brexit too.

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