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Support School Vouchers/School Choice

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All of America's children will benefit from the proposed school voucher program. School vouchers help parents pay for the school of their choosing. Vouchers pay for private school, religious school and the cost of homeschooling using a portion of our own school taxes. No longer will only the wealthy be able to afford private schools. No longer will devoted parents be denied a faith based education because of money.

House Bill 610, introduced in January, 2017,  needs your support today to become law. This bill is the first school reform in our long history of ineffective reforms that can systemically fix what is inherently and fatally wrong with our schools. 

Our socialized education system has failed generations of children because it ignores the principles of free enterprise that have made America the strongest nation in the world. It's already been proven time after time that socialism does not work. Our broken system is jeopardizing our ability to compete on a global scale. On the world stage, our educational performance in abysmal. Our government run schools have utterly failed our children.

HB 610 effectively breaks up the governments monopoly on education. Monopolies are bad for everyone because when you only have one choice, there is no incentive for that provider to earn your business by building a better, cheaper product or service. Subject to the principles of free enterprise, schools will improve because they will be incentivized and rewarded when they offer a better school.  Schools who fail our children will die as they should. Schools who provide a great education will grow and compete for our business. America wins.

The most powerful lobby in the country are vehemently opposed to school choice. For decades  the teachers unions, masquerading as representatives of "education", have blocked school choice. The two unions, the NEA and AFT have repeatedly put their own members interests far above those of our children. Shame on them. And we have let them. Shame on us.

Now we can take back our nation's educational system and give the children the education they deserve! 

Please sign and then share this petition which will be distributed to all of the members of Congress who will be voting on this historical legislation. 

Our children deserve better! Our country deserves better! 

We are inches away from rebuilding our nation's schools. Your signature matters. Thank you.


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