Ban use of 1080 in Australia by 2021

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A cruel and indiscriminate poison, 1080 is used to kill unwanted animals which include possums, feral cats, rabbits and rats. Its use in Australia has been a contentious issue since it was first employed as a pesticide. It causes very slow and agonising death which has no antidote available. Research has shown that the use of this poison is extremely cruel, and dangerous to non-target animals.
1080 in fact, causes a very slow agonising death and no antidote is available. It kills native birds and animals as well as any target species that feed on them or their bodies.

Companion animals can be as easily killed by 1080 as the target species and other species not intended to be killed so horribly.

This is an environmental crime and should be stopped. It is a wholesale and unnecessary massacre of living things in the bush, and makes most people very uneasy, causing a deep disquieting silence to fall over the formerly noisy and bustling bushlands in the wake of every 1080 drop.

We hereby Seriously ask that its use be stopped as soon as possible.