No More Marine Mammals in captivity!

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Many marine mammals are treated unfairly in todays day and age. Every year young whales, dolphins and seals are captured and kept in marine parks. Many of these mammals suffer with physical and mental issues, and often die earlier than they would in the wild. Marine mammals in captivity are often found with skin infections, dorsal fin collapse, loss of teeth, depression, etc. However, marine parks do all that they can to cover up the horrors that occur in these "amusement" parks. There needs to be a change. The ocean is the life line to the rest of this planet. It's about time we, as a collective people start treating the creatures within the ocean with the respect they deserve. There shouldn't be animals weighing hundreds to thousands of pounds living in chlorinated pools. There shouldn't be early deaths like that of the whale the formerly lived at Sea World, Tilikum. These parks need to end, for the sake of our oceans creatures.