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The small community of Eungai, mid-North Coast NSW, are asking for help in getting our voices heard, We have had help from Melinda Pavey our local MP. This petition has been created in hope it could help strengthen our case and show the importance of Eungai Preschool to not only the township of Eungai but the greater community of the Nambucca and Macleay Valley as it affects all of us. We may not be a big city but we have a voice and we need to be heard. We hope that Melinda Pavey will be able to use this as a tool to help her in delivering our message to the Department.

The Eungai Preschool is in a financial crisis, we have until the end on Term 1 2019 to get some much needed funding or the Preschool will be forced to reduce it's days of operation and restrict children's access to essential educational programs which will undo all the hard work they have put in for so many years to provide flexibility for the needs of families in our community, not a one size fits all program, most importantly their fantastic approach to education inclusiveness in which they have gone above and beyond to include a bush program, yoga, fitness and language (LOTE) which is only a small example of the way in which they go above and beyond.

 This year has brought in record numbers of enrolments to the point that we now have a waiting list, this is all due to the absolutely amazing staff and the thought and care they have put into the program they offer and the genuine care they have for the children and their families. 

The issue is the Preschool's funding is based on a census that was done late last year, we have had an 89% increase in enrolments since then, which although is absolutely fantastic it means expenses have also soared, if we can make it through this year till the census period it will be reflected for next year and hopefully many years to come but as of right now this is not possible without funding.

The Preschool has been appealing to the government for immediate back-pay of funding owed to the Preschool by the department due to inadequate funding from 2017 & 2018. We need this funding now, lets support this great community based Preschool that has finally seen their hard work pay off in terms of enrolments and allow them to continue to offer an extremely high level of early childhood education and let it not be one of Eungai's best kept secrets anymore.

Let's make some noise to support this amazing Preschool in hope that it will be able to continue to go above and beyond to educate our future generations, let's value the dedication of our educators. Please sign and share our petition we desperately need your help, if you would like to do more please use this link to support us Thank you.