Disqualification for life from driving for repeat offenders

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Too many lives have been lost on NSW (and Australian) roads as a result of repeat drunk drivers, reckless drivers, speeders and hoons who treat our roads like a race track or some supposed show of masculinity for the size of their vehicle exhaust. Too many broken families have been created as a result of these people who know they are doing wrong, yet continue to abuse the privilege of driving because they receive a slap on the wrist or a minimal driving suspension.

Driver caught doing 180km in an 80km zone receives $1177 fine and only a 6 month suspension! How on earth do we live in a society that allows this person back on the road in 6 months while at the same time looking in horror at whole families destroyed as a result of hoons and repeat speeding offenders. A vehicle can be as dangerous as a firearm, if I am caught firing off a gun blindly into society would I be given merely a suspension from firearms for 6 months? Driving is a priveledge, and while we all make mistakes from time to time, people who are intentionally break that priveledge recklessly or again and again should have it taken away from them. No exceptions.

It is time to take a stand. Time for families to take a stand against these people who put our lives and those of our loved ones at risk every time we step into a car.

We call for the minister to introduce a Reckless Drivers bill. E.g Exceed the speed limit by 40km amount and you lose your right to drive FOR LIFE. Caught drag racing, doing burnouts and other hoon behaviour lose your licence FOR LIFE.  Drink driving x number of times lose your licence FOR LIFE. Speeding x number of times lose your licence FOR LIFE

This is the only way to attempt to combat our road toll, sign this for your children.


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