Help Vinny and her Friends Save Bridges!

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Without the Bridges program Vinny and her 90 plus friends will have no where to go. No place of learning and no place to connect with others. This is their community, their safe place, their support system. Not only will the students at Bridges be affected by this but also their families. By having day programs it means the parents are still able to work and support their families. Without Bridges this will become impossible for many. We need to make as much noise about this as possible. It is not only the people and families that rely on Bridges that are suffering, but so many more that are suffering as a result of our flawed system. As taxpayers, we pay taxes to ensure we have adequate systems in place that support us all, in the areas that are fundamental - such as health, education, mental health, aged care and support for those with disabilities. How can we live in a country like Australia and not have these basic systems in place to support the people who need it most.

These are the people that need your support and voice now.

We need the power of the people to make a change. We shouldn’t be in a position at all where we need to plead to save basic support services, like Bridges, but here we are. So, please make your voice heard!

Use your voice to say that withdrawing these vital services is not acceptable to you, or to Australia at large. Sign the petition! Please support Vinny and her friends to Save Bridges! Together we are strong. Together we can do this. Thank you.