Cancel the Lombardy Fair (Smith Falls, Ontario), Pig Scramble

Cancel the Lombardy Fair (Smith Falls, Ontario), Pig Scramble

July 9, 2017
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Started by Toronto Pig Save

Stop the Pig Scramble in Smith Falls, Ontario  scheduled to take place at the Lombardy Agricultural Fair August 5-7, 2017.

Toronto Pig Save and it's supporters have a hard time understanding why people are still continuing with this type of event. Animals are not here to entertain us or be chased by children.

It is very traumatizing to the baby pigs having a group of kids chasing them in circles in the heat.  There is absolutely no purpose or good that comes out of this activity.

Smith Falls, consider this - the pig scramble will create a very negative impression on your town. A pig scramble will not bring you revenue. It will make your town lose money. When you mention Smith Falls, Ontario people will not think of the nice town; they will think of the town that supports animal cruelty.

Please stop using baby pigs as entertainment.  Let them be in their own environment. They don't deserve the stress of being chased by kids or the travel.  Please cancel the Pig Scramble.


A pig scramble involves children up to age eight in a pen with pigs.

The children chase the baby pigs while trying to corral and catch them. 

Using animals as entertainment is cruel and unethical. There is no need for it.
As a society we should be discouraging kids from hurting and chasing animals.

There are many alternative cruelty free children's games that could be introduced to keep the children active, such as Capture the Flag, Tag (You're It), Red Rover, etc.

This year in P.E.I, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick similar Pig Scrambles were cancelled due to feedback and outrage from the public.

A local P.E.I farmer even opposed the event in P.E.I  saying he doesn't support pig scrambles, and he was surprised to hear they still exist on the Island.

He said he took part as a kid, but that times have changed and he doesn't see a place for them anymore.

"To take pigs out of their element, to transport them in a trailer and traumatize them and put them in a rink or a pen or whatever and turn a bunch of crazy kids loose on them. No, I don't agree with that," said MacFarlane.

MacFarlane said he has no problem with kids and pigs interacting, but he said that should happen in the pig's own environment, and they shouldn't be subjected to being transported if it's not necessary.

This Pig Scramble and all future ones need to be cancelled. Please show your support and tell the Lombardy Fair Board of Directors to vote it out for good!


This petition made change with 5,333 supporters!

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