A complaint to the Animal Welfare Minister about SPCA regarding enforcing horse welfare.

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To Meka Whaitiri, NZ Animal Welfare Minister,

We, the undersigned would like to ask you to please carry out a full investigation into our countries National Animal Welfare agents, in that of the SPCA/RSPCA along with all of their 46 branches. As we feel that they are not doing the job of aiding animals in need properly, or to the best of their ability, especially in regard to many horse welfare situations.

It doesn't bring any of us any pleasure to make such a serious complaint of this nature as so many of us have grown up supporting this once great organisation in SPCA, but we can no longer turn a blind to their failings and ask for a better option to stop animals from suffering. As the current system is not working! Therefore, we feel that we have no choice but to petition you to act as horses are being left to suffer. Unfortunately we have not been successful in our other attempts for change regarding seeking improvements so are asking you for help through this petition .